Kindred Spirits DNA

Who We Are

Kindred Spirits is a cultural gathering place, outdoor entertainment venue and patio bar offering cultural programming, black owned spirit companies, food trucks, and vendors in the heart of NE OKC. Our mission is to offer a space that honors Oklahoma's unique Black history while cultivating a better future with culture and cocktails.

Who We Wanna Be

Kindred will be a household name synonymous with cultural tastemaking and Black Joy that serves as a local haven for Black arts, culture, and entertainment and launch pad for Black Owned Spirit Brands year-round

What We Value


We strive for and maintain unity amongst our family, our kinfolk, our community and beyond.

Growth Mindset

We believe that achievements are down to effort, not just inherent talent, and we embrace growth of our knowledge and skills by welcoming challenges, persisting through obstacles, learning from criticism and seeking inspiration in other kinfolks’ success.

Collective Excellence

We share the shine and responsibility for preparing our space, curating its activity, addressing its challenges, and executing with excellence

Cooperative Economics

We are committed to empowering other Black owned businesses. From our barkeeps to our behind-the-scenes support team, our food and beverage vendors to the artists on stage, we proactively seek out and support Black talent.


We create space for being unapologetically, powerfully, and joyfully us as we gather to honor our past and build a triumphant future.